Wednesday, 28 January 2015

I don't write bug reports.....sometimes

I don't write bug reports...well...sometimes I don't.

Don't shoot me down in flames yet please..

Sometimes for me it isn't necessary to write a bug report at all, and I'll try and explain why.

The reason I don't write bug reports sometimes is it would take more time to report than it would to fix the issue/ wasted effort (or my perceived wasted effort)

I'll try and explain: I may find a bug, the first thing I might do is check it:

Is it reproduceable? (note: not all bugs are reproduceable but I'll try)
Why do I check whether a bug is reproduceable or not? - It can save time, and I feel it keeps my tester cred with the team.

In my experience, The first thing (or one of the first things) a programmer will want to do is see the bug - walkthrough it themselves (is the bug phantom or real) - getting a programmer to 'see'/experience the bug can sometimes be a clincher  to them fixing it...

One example I had recently:

I was testing a web carousel, there are two arrows on the carousel (forward and back buttons, for scrolling pages on the carousel. 

Actually there are 4 buttons on the carousel two at the top (forward and back) two at the bottom (forward and back). 

The initial state of the carousel displays the first page, so you can only navigate forward. (use the forward buttons)

The back button on the top of the carousel (was greyed out) to highlight that you can't go back, because it's the first page (also it was not clickable ;) I did my click frenzy.... ;) )

However, the back button on the bottom of the carousel was not greyed out (it was highlighted) - I did a click frenzy on that too - it didn't actually do anything.....

So it's a bug . The bottom back button on the carousel should be greyed out on first page of the carousel (I thought a minor bug, but a bug none the less)

So I had a chat with the programmer, mentioned that I thought the bug was minor, but did my show and tell... He looked at it, said it was a really easy to fix (note: that doesn't necessarily mean it wont cause other issues/and doesn't necessarily mean it is actually an easy fix)

We also thought we could put an automated check (javascript test) in for this if we wanted to and it warranted the time.

I did raise the bug, I chatted about it, it got fixed but I did not write the bug in a defect system. We resolved it. We resolved it there and then! 

Disclaimer: This may not work ALL the time, sometimes fixes like this may need to get recorded in a defect system they may have a knock on affect somewhere else, may require time or planning, more investigation. Sometimes I may miss other bugs by not reporting it.

What am I trying to say?

I use my judgement on how I report bugs and how we get them fixed quickly as a team.