What testers can learn from cbeebies?

Well it's Friday! Hurrah, So what can testers learn from cbeebies?

Well I've already mentioned that Waybuloo could be good for stressed out testers.

I've come across another cbeebies favourite called 'Tinga Tales' - Tales from Africa.
My son watches it most mornings (if you want to catch it it's normally on at 7:45am uk time) I watch it too...(I actually love it)

Why do I think it's good for testers? It's questioning? Why? Why? Why? Why a crocodile has a bumpy back? and it tells the story of why?

Being able to tell the 'testers story' and also being able to question - good things for testers right? - but also being careful on the stories aswell)

I think that might be good for me, always being reminded to question.

Also is there something in the blurb:

There is nothing more important than community and friendship in Tinga. There are good animals and bad animals, grumpy animals and patient animals, water animals and land animals, tall animals, short animals, loud animals and shy animals – but they all have their role to play. Big personalities for big characters, running jokes, catchphrases and lots of music.

You can meet the animals here .You can watch the intro here . My favourite is the tortoise.

Does it relate to your project team? the testing community? does it have any relation to Simon's post about the animal kingdom?


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