January 2011

Don't Listen to your stakeholders? nah really? Well sometimes....eh? you what!

....but I thought you said two posts ago to that it may be worth keeping in-tune with stakeholders??? hmmm

But what about panic testing?

Panic testing...never heard of it?

Well it's not panic testing as such it's panic applied to testers....

If you get to the end of a cycle of anything, panic can ensue. Or how about some left field new feature all last minute, yeh but we're on an agile team? I've still seen some panic happen....last minute or in-live fixes

Have you ever been there?, any team plan or strategy or principle? seems to go out of the window. ( well it seems most reasoning actually)

It normally happens at a management level....where the 'Nike Slogans' kick in and you get the phrases of 'Just Test it' or 'Just Do It'...'Just Pass it'

I actually quite enjoy it, when someone comes to me and says 'we only need to test this?' Yeh and I think to myself....really...we only need to test this? But I think what 'we only need to test this' actually means is 'This is the only thing I've thought of to test right now'

So Just test this? Are you sure...I mean really sure?

Let's talk over the possibilities...Why do we only need to test this? Or why do you think we only need to test this?

There has been some activity recently about 'selling testing', so this is a 'selling testing' moment isn't it? Or how about a selling your testing moment? Is this the stakeholder listen to you moment?...no I think it's more than that it is a stakeholder getting 'in-tune' with you or a stakeholder enagage...

When there may be panic, this can be where a tester can show there stuff', giving as much information to the stakeholder as possible, explaining why you would like to test more or something different than what may be suggested.

And what is the driver to the panic? Time? ok...but we still don't have to drop our principles because we have a time pressure do we?

In fact I think that's maybe where 'rapid testing' comes into it's own doesn't it? So we shouldn't throw it out the window because of a panic should we? I also think if testers don't get swept along with the panic we can provide valuable information to subdue the panic.

I think everybodies situation is different but I still think this is a good article that sits in the back of my mind if ever these situations arise http://www.satisfice.com/articles/explaining.shtml

So ok there is nothing new here, but something I have experienced, was in the back of my mind and been in draft for a long time...

Anybody experiencing a panic how do you deal with that?